Carpet Color Guide

These days, you can buy carpets in just about any color imaginable. And most of those colors are available in all kinds of different styles. So, the trick is matching up the right style and color for your home. The sales representatives at Michael’s have been doing this for their customers for years. And it’s something they’d like to help you with. So look at the following tips and make choosing the right look for your home easy.

Only you can decide exactly which color is right for your home. But since there are several things color can help you do for your home, you might want to consider the following questions.

Michael's Carpet Guide

Are you carpeting a dark room or one that gets lots of sunlight?

If you want to make a dark room seem brighter and more cheerful, choose bright colors, such as yellows, oranges, or reds. But if you want to make a bright room seem a bit more formal, choose cooler colors, such as blues, greens or violets.

Are you carpeting an active or quiet area of your home?

When you’re carpeting an active environment, such as a family room, warm reds and oranges can complement the mood. And when you’re carpeting quieter areas, like bedrooms, cool blues and greens will help maintain the serene feeling.

Are you carpeting an area near an outside door or an uncarpeted area?

Most of the soil that can get trapped in a carpet comes in from outside or is picked up from the uncarpeted areas of your home. If the soil most likely to be tracked around your home is dark, you can hide it with dark-colored carpets, such as browns, deep blues or dark reds. But if the soil coming into your home is lighter in color, you may want to hide it with lighter-color carpets.