Mannington Hardwood Flooring

As a leader in the flooring industry, Mannington has put together a guide that details everything you need to know about hardwood floors. Whether you’re having a new home built or simply looking to make an upgrade to your home’s existing floors, hardwood is a beautiful, durable option! Before you decide on hardwood, here’s what you need to know.

Hardwood Flooring Options

There are three types of hardwood floors available to you:


1. Solid hardwood flooring is a solid piece of wood from top to bottom.

2. Engineered hardwood flooring is natural wood from top to bottom, usually made using multiple wood veneers or slats glued together at opposing directions. Mannington only produces engineered hardwood, and here’s why:

It’s the most environmentally friendly. Engineered hardwood uses half as many trees as solid wood floors.

Engineered hardwood floors can be installed where solid hardwood floors cannot. You can install engineered hardwood below grade and directly into concrete, which you can’t do with solid hardwood floors. It’s so versatile that you can even install it on walls!

Engineered is more dimensionally stable and less likely to warp with seasonal change

3. Composite-engineered hardwood flooring contains natural wood on the wearable surface only. The backing and core material may comprise any composite material.