Carpet Construction Guide

When it comes to making sure you’ll love your carpet for years, finding the right color and style is very important. But your Beckler’s sales representative would be the first to tell you that the fiber of your carpet and its construction are just as important. Because he or she knows that the way a carpet is made and what it’s made of are the two things that determine how long it will keep its good looks. So talk with your Beckler’s sales representative about where and how your carpet will be used, and he or she will help you find the best fiber and construction. Or, just read over the following information.

Today’s carpet can be made in a variety of different ways to give it a variety of different looks. But the way a carpet is made also has a lot to do with how it will perform in certain areas of your home. And the one thing that can affect a carpet’s performance abilities the most is pile density.

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Pile Density

A carpet’s pile is basically just all the yarn or fibers that you see on the surface of any carpet. And pile density refers to how closely each yarn or fiber is packed together. For instance, a carpet with high pile density has more yarn packed into any given area, while a carpet with low pile density has less yarn in any given area.

But what does this mean to your search for long-lasting carpet? Well, just as it’s harder to break a group of sticks in half than it is to break a single stick, it’s harder to mat down or crush a group of yarns packed tightly together. Plus, the tighter the yarns are packed, the better they can stop stains and soil from sinking down to the carpet’s backing. So, a good general rule of thumb to follow when looking for long-lasting carpet is simply the higher the density, the better the performance.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that higher density carpets can be more expensive. And if you’re considering cutting back on the density to better fit your budget, you might instead think about purchasing higher density carpet for your high traffic areas, and lower density carpet for areas that are not used often, such as a guest bedroom. This way, you migh be able to get the price you want without compromising on the performance needed to keep your carpet – and your home – looking better longer.

To find out about a carpet’s density, just ask your Beckler’s sales representative. Or take two carpet samples and bend them the way they might be bent over the edge of a stair. If you’re looking at a higher density carpet, you’ll see more yarn and less of the backing material.