Hartco Hardwood Flooring

Cost and Timeline
3 things to know before you start shopping:

Know your budget.
Have at least a rough idea of what you’re willing to spend, along with your project’s square footage. Don’t forget to factor in 10% extra material to ensure you do not run out!

Know what additional costs to expect.
Materials: Don’t forget to include any product delivery fees, cost of trims and moldings, and subfloor or underlayment if necessary.

Installation: If you’re hiring a contractor, factor in labor costs for both the installation and the removal/disposal of your old floor, as well as subfloor preparation.

Know what to expect with your timeline.
Hardwood installation itself isn’t overly time consuming. Because it’s prefinished, our solid hardwood flooring can be installed in just 1 or 2 days. It’s the preparation leading up to installation that can have the biggest impact on your timeline (and stress level). Don’t forget to account for these to-dos:

Clearing your space – If the flooring is going into an existing living space, you’ll need to move furniture (and find a place to put it).

Removing the existing floor – Removal can take longer than installation, depending on the materials.

Acclimation – Before installing, solid hardwood requires a period of acclimation (a few days to a week) where the wood must be stored temporarily in the same environment where it will be installed. This stabilizes the moisture content so the floors won’t warp.

Subfloor and underlayment preparation – Your subfloor must be clean, level, dry and structurally sound to protect the integrity of the hardwood. To limit surprises, it can be helpful to read the installation guide and other hardwood installation advice in advance.