COREtec Plus LVP

We’re obsessed with styling innovations like Embossed In Register technology for grain patterns you can feel, enhanced beveled edges for a more realistic appearance, and integrated grout lines in perfectly coordinating shades.

COREtec Plus is the industry leader in luxury vinyl plank.

Made Smarter.

Today, people are conscious about making intelligent choices and positively impacting the planet.

Shaw Industries has been committed to sustainable practices for more than two decades. Our residential brands design products that support overall wellness and clean, healthy homes. Designing with people + planet in mind enables us to meet the needs of today’s varied lifestyles.

Click here to learn more about our goals for encouraging a positive impact on the planet and our commitment to responsible manufacturing.

Live Better.

Sustainable flooring options help you make better choices — for better peace of mind.

COREtec Floors supports the goal of a clean and healthy home. Our products provide tailored solutions to address your needs by focusing on five essential attributes: materialmoisturesoundair, and cleanness.