Flooring And Carpet Buyer's Guide

Carpet Carpet Buyer's Guide


carpet is very affordable

Carpet affordability varies depending on factors like material, quality, and installation costs. Generally, carpets come in a wide price range, with synthetic fibers being more budget-friendly than natural ones. Additionally, factors such as the carpet’s thickness and pile density can influence the price. Installation costs, including padding and labor, also contribute to the overall expense. While there are affordable options, it’s essential to consider long-term durability and maintenance costs to make an informed decision based on your budget and preferences.

Call Michael's for free samples and price

Just call Michaels and let us know what you’re looking for in terms of cost, color, style, and performance. We will send three free samples that meet your needs and ship them out to you quickly – free of charge. So, to ensure they send you samples that best match what you’re looking for, just follow the suggestions below. Or, if you’ve already made a selection, call l-(877)-930-1392 and ask for a price on the carpet you’ve chosen.

The colors shown in this complete 24-page guide make it easy to select the right color. Just compare the samples shown in it to your furniture, window coverings, wallpaper, or paint and decide which colors come closest to the carpet color you want. Then call us, and we’ll send you actual carpet samples to ensure you’re choosing the right color.

Send in an example of color you’re looking for.
Or just let your sales rep know what area of your home you’re carpeting, and he or she will be able to make some good suggestions.

Tell your Michael’s sales representative the style and performance characteristics you’re looking for.
And keep in mind that padding and installation should be added to the carpet price. Just ask your Beckler’s sales rep to help add it all up.

Give your sales rep a price range.

Let your sales rep know about your carpet padding needs.
It’s a good idea to replace your current padding when you purchase new carpeting, especially if you don’t know its density. New padding of the proper density will help protect your investment in your new carpet. In addition, many carpet warranties state that a specific padding density must be used for the warranty to be valid. (See Beckler’s Style & Color Guide for warranty information.) Since Michael’s offers various padding choices, they can send you the padding and carpet samples. That way, when you’re ready to order, they can go ahead and take care of your padding needs to save you the trouble of having to call around town to find some on your own.

Find a good installer

In order for your new carpet to look its absolute best, it must be installed properly. To make sure you find the best installer available in your town, ask friends and family for referrals, or check the yellow pages under “Carpet Layers”. Call several people listed there and ask each one for references, then check out those references. Odds are, if an installer has done a good job for several other people, he’ll do a good job for you. Something else you might want to check out is the number of years an installer has been in business. The more experience he has, the better: he’s likely to be at his job. One final thing you might want to ask these installers is whether or not they “power stretch” carpet. Power stretching is the newest technique for making sure carpet is laid down as tightly and securely as possible. And this method of installation is more likely to hold your carpet in place better and keep it looking better longer.

place your order.

You’re almost ready to order once you’ve decided on the carpet you want to purchase. The only thing left is determining exactly how much carpet you’ll need. And while you could probably measure the area to be carpeted yourself, it’s best to have your installer do it for you. That’s because he’ll have a better idea of where the seams will lie in each room and how much carpet will be required to create them so that they’re virtually undetectable. Once you know exactly how much carpet you’ll need, call in your order by dialing Your Michael.” The sales rep will total the amount for you. You can send in a check for the amount, pay by Mastercard or Visa over the phone, or send the money by wire transfer. Your Beckler’s sales rep will also give you an estimate for the delivery cost and let you know when you can expect to receive your carpet. Generally, you should allow two weeks for delivery from after we receive your payment. But if you need your carpet immediately, and you can pay with a charge card or wire transfer, Beckler’s will do everything possible to speed up your order. They may even be able to get your order on its way to you in as little as 24 hours. Just let your sales rep know the situation, and they will let you know what Beckler’s can do to help. Something else to keep in mind about delivery is your schedule. If you want your carpet delivered directly to your home, you wmustbe there to receive it and pay for the delivery. If there’s a good chance you won’t be able to be there, talk with your Beckler’s sales rep about making other arrangements. And let your sales rep know if you’d like someone to call you 24 hours before delivery to confirm your address and delivery time. There may be a small charge for this service, but it can be well worth the small fee to mensureyour schedule is in line with the delivery schedule.

Other Helpful Tips

Do any remodeling before you have your carpet installed.
Since painting, wallpapering or any kind of interior reconstruction can create quite a mess, it’s best to put your carpet down last.

Find out who will remove your old carpet.
Your carpet installer may do this for you. If he won’t, though, ask him if he knows who will and make arrangements to have it taken away before he arrives to do his job. Or just check with the Salvation Army or a local church. Any of these places would probably gladly accept the donation and take your old carpet away at no charge.

Make sure your installer will move your furniture.
Most installers will do this, but it’s always good to check and make sure. It’s also good to find out if there’s an additional charge for this service.

Inspect your carpet as soon as it’s delivered.
We take great pride in working with only the best carpet manufacturers and only the best delivery companies. But it’s still always a good idea to give your carpet a thorough once-over when you receive it. If your order is too large to actually roll it out and look at it, just check the color upon delivery. Then make sure to have your installer check it out really well before he begins the installation process. If you or your installer find anything out of the ordinary, call  before beginning installation, and we’ll take care of it immediately.

Other flooring options from Michaels

In addition to the thousands of different carpets you can choose from at Michael’s, you can also select from a variety of name brand hardwood and vinyl floors, such as Armstrong, Mannington, Bruce and Anderson. If you’re interested in finding out more, just ask your Michael’s sales representative to send you more information.