Hartco Hydroblok 6 1/2" Engineered Hardwood Plank

Cleantivity™ Antimicrobial Protection
Wood floors deliver better hygiene than carpeting, where dust, debris, and bacteria can hide. But even hardwoods require regular cleaning to prevent unsanitary build-up, as micro-organisms can accumulate in the wood’s seams and scratches. Fortunately, HydroBlok engineered hardwoods incorporate antimicrobial protection to guard against everyday germs. So, you can breathe easier knowing your family isn’t exposed.

Scratch and Dent Resistant Engineered Hardwood Flooring
We make HydroBlok waterproof engineered hardwood from hickory and white oak, two of the most durable hardwoods. That helps reduce scratches and dents. We also include distressed wood and hand scraped wood flooring surfaces. Their textured finish not only adds character to your floors but helps hide blemishes and makes your floors easy to maintain.

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